Over the last decade, the regulatory processes in air travel have increased both in significance and visibility. As the industry continues to improve the passenger experience, it is vital that these processes are integrated within the passenger journey and not as ancillary or separate steps.

Passenger facilitation brings together airlines, airports and governments to see how processes can be linked across stakeholder environments, with a focus on the crucial areas of Security, Border Protection, Immigration and Customs that result in an “end-to-end passenger experience that is secure, seamless and efficient”.
To drive projects and standards that support this endeavour, a working group called the Passenger Facilitation Working Group (PFWG) has been formed under the Passenger Experience Management Group (PEMG).

Composition and Meetings

Participation as a voting member to the PFWG is open to IATA airline members, Airlines for America, Airport Council International, Government Agencies and members of the IATA Strategic Partnership Program. There is no restriction in the number of participants and the group meets twice a year.

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