The Reservations Committee (RESCOM) is responsible for the development of recommendations on all procedures and policy issues relating to reservations rules and regulations, including the transmission of reservations services for use by customers and agents.
RESCOM also reviews proposals and develops recommendations for additions, deletions and amendments to the ATA/IATA Reservations Interline Message Procedures - Passenger (AIRIMP) manual and the IATA Reservations Handbook.

Composition and Meetings

The RESCOM is open to IATA member airlines, strategic partners, non-IATA airlines, industry stakeholders and meets once a year. There is no restriction in the number of participants.


Reservations Work Group (RESWG)

Private Site

A private site (links below) is reserved for communications with IATA Airline Members and Strategic Partners registered within the Passenger and Airport service area.
Companies and organisations interested in Passenger Standards are invited to join our IATA Strategic Partnerships Programme.

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