The Think Tank is the Paperless Aircraft Operation initiative's core working group. Its mission is to elaborate on the vision of the aircraft operations supply chain and maintenance process of the future, and define the most relevant focal areas for improvements and innovations. An additional responsibility is to ensure that certain data and information transfers are standardized among the industry stakeholders.

The Think Tank includes representatives from airlines, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), leaders of MRO, MRO IT industry, regulators, aircraft part suppliers and freight companies. It meets regularly throughout the year.


Membership to the Aircraft Operations Think Tank is open to all IATA members. Participants in IATA’s Strategic Partnership Program can also attend the functions of the project upon request. For more information, please contact us.

For Think Tank related materials (agenda, venue information, presentations, action items, and minutes of the meetings) please register to the Paperless Aircraft Operations private site. As soon as registration is approved, feel free to view the documents and leave your comments.