The Time and Temperature Working Group develops and maintains standards for the procedures, documentation, cargo handling, packaging and acceptance of healthcare goods. This way it facilitates, improves and maintains the proper functioning of the pharmaceutical logistics sector.


The TTWG, under guidance from the Live Animals and Perishables Board (LAPB), is responsible of the following activities, as well as of other tasks delegated to it by the LAPB:

  • Establish and maintain a time and temperature quality management system by means of a documented process
  • Liaise with all stakeholders from the health care industry or their intermediaries in order to establish common standards
  • Produce, develop and implement guidance material to maintain drug quality and efficacy when shipping time and temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals
  • Act as the coordinating body between IATA and the pharma industry for the healthcare logistics forum during the World Cargo Symposium
  • Promote its activities with industry associations and shippers
  • Lobby government agencies, intergovernmental organizations, stakeholders, carriers, shippers and their intermediaries towards the recognition and adoption of these standards


The TTWG normally meets twice a year in conjunction with the LAPB.


The TTWG comprises 25 members (pdf) from all the supply chain, appointed by the LAPB.