​The Artificial Intelligence (AI) white paper outlines the results of IATA research and development activities on AI in collaboration with airlines and the wider value chain. It covers the fundamentals, threats and opportunities of AI across the aviation industry.

Download the White Paper (pdf)

The reach of AI across the industry

There are many applications of AI use cases today in the aviation industry, categorized in three (3) main types of capabilities.

Customer Touch-point Capabilities

  • Intelligent bots
  • Dynamic resource allocation
  • Personalized fulfillment
  • Disruption damage control
  • Complaints & claims management

Operational Capabilities

  • Outcome & impact prediction
  • Correlations of data
  • Agile and adaptable operations
  • Machine learning

Support & Management Capabilities

  • Value chain risk management
  • Asset (e.g. aircraft) protection
  • Maintenance & safety checks
  • Supply chain risk management