ACIC’s Sourcing provides airlines and other aviation partners with a platform that delivers targeted, actionable calculations and insights on aviation charges, containing 100% reliable information.

​ACIC is used by airlines to find Airport charges and invoices for some 900 airports and Air Traffic Control charges globally. This enables them to optimize their strategic positioning by understanding trends to open new markets and opportunities.

To ensure that the Airport charges and Air Traffic Control charges in ACIC are as accurate as possible, we partner with airport authorities and develop close bilateral relationships with civil aviation authorities and regulators worldwide. Up-to-date information on charges provides immeasurable benefits to all its users and allows to further promote airports and countries to their target audience.

Reliability is key. This means that government and industry support is critical.

We would like to invite global airport authorities as well as civil aviation authorities to join our extensive sourcing community to ensure that ACIC users can always count on reliable information.

Become a dedicated source and use this opportunity to further promote your airport to a global audience.

Join the ACIC sourcing network now!

For more information on Sourcing, or if you would like to join the ACIC Sourcing network, please call +31 20 403 7950. You can also email us.