These testimonials concern the Cargo Handling Manual

Air France​

​"We at Air France Cargo fully support the IATA Cargo Handling Manual for several reasons.
A standardized, industry-based and modernized CHM available for use and adoption by IATA members can represent a much-needed step toward simplification.

The air cargo industry and its actors have had a tendency, over the last several decades, to complicate the business which has led to counter-productive complexity. A standardized IATA CHM would allow for greater transparency and efficiency within the air cargo industry.

​We are particularly supportive of this initiative because, as an airline, we fully understand and sometimes regret, the complexity of our industry and its processes, regulations and constraints. We believe that simplification, wherever possible and a "back to the basics" approach in describing our operations is the direction we'd like to take. The IATA CHM proposal which provides this framework, while allowing the necessary adaptations required for each user, is a very positive step toward modernization and simplification of the air cargo industry."

David Smith, Cargo Process and Standardization Manager


“The cargo handling manual will provide vital standardization to the industry and especially support those who do not have a huge training infrastructure in ULD build-up.

The manual will not only be another tool for the usual suspects as carriers & cargo handling provider`s staff, but also be an individual tool for the freight forwarders and shippers who year by year are getting more involved in cargo handling activities”

Christian Bergfelder, Director Network Airside – Europe

Worldwide Flight Services​

“Having an Industry Manual is vital for our future. We need to find, and use, the common ground in Cargo Handling to help simplify and improve the business.

I strongly believe that an agreed ICHM can do this for us. I also think that if the ICHM gets adopted by IATA Airlines in greater numbers it can be used for ISAGO Cargo Audits in the future which will save huge cost and time currently spent on individual audits.

Standardization and simplicity will improve quality and reduce cost which has to be important to IATA Airline members and to their GHA Partners.

If we can all agree to use just 1 Manual, as have done so successfully with IATA DG Regulations, then surely we can all agree on the ICHM content and values?”

David Ambridge, General Manager – Cargo


"Industry standards on cargo ground operations facilitate the airline-to-airline transfer of cargo. That reduces the dwell-time on the ground and increases the competitiveness of the airline industry as a whole. The IATA CHM sets the common standards for safe and secure air transportation. Using the IATA Industry MOP as a basis, the manual describes the generic activities of shipper, forwarder and airline.

There will be room for operations per airline, based on company requirements and restrictions​​.
Standardization of cargo ground handling activities reduces the cost of air freight logistics as far as generated on the ground."