In times of crisis, families often urgently need to flee their homes in search of safety. For those seeking refuge abroad, transportation and evacuation of their pets is additional stress to their struggle.

IATA and Humane Society International (HSI) have joined forces to develop a document that provides considerations to facilitate pet-friendly passage for such situations. The considerations are based on the IATA Live Animals Regulations publication which is the global standard for transporting animals by air in a safe and humane manner. The document provides matters for consideration by airlines, ground handlers, freight forwarders, airports and governments to ascertain opportunities to provide temporary flexibility with requirements to facilitate pet transport by air on direct routes. It is only applicable in circumstances where urgent, mass evacuations of people occur.

Safety in transport for all

For the purpose of this guidance, pets are defined as dogs and cats. Airlines must remember that any measures put in place must be done without compromising compliance with the IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR), animal welfare requirements, applicable government regulations, and safety.