TACT Air Cargo Solutions discontinue the TACT Tariffs Manuals to focus on the digital delivery channels

Over the course of seven decades, the TACT Tariffs Manuals, similarly to the Dangerous Goods Manual, have been a must-have for air cargo professionals on their desk.

The International Air Cargo Tariff was discontinued in 1959 and replaced by the International Cargo Tariff (ICT), published at the time by KLM Cargo. It contained General Cargo Rates (GCR), and a separate manual containing Specific Commodity Rates (SCR), available in Dutch, French, German, Spanish and English. The first edition of the ICT was effective May 1st, 1959, and contained already thousands of tariffs, applicable worldwide. Back then, the tariffs were displayed with Minimum; Under 45 Kgs & above 45 kgs (or Lbs), and already specific rules from Airlines to understand the conditions of the Tariffs.

While the TACT Tariffs Manuals have been a standard reference for the industry, the Tariffs Manuals as a paper-based publication is no longer a suitable offering in a rapidly changing cargo world, increased digital operations and more Co2 efficient solutions. The environmental impact of creating and distributing the Tariffs Manuals globally is significant. Air Cargo professionals rely nowadays on digital solutions, accessible anywhere, anytime and through any device as the COVID-19 pandemic has further demonstrated.

Today, over 5 million tariffs are accessible via TACT Online & via the TACT Tariffs API, and hundreds of sources provide air cargo stakeholders with critical, real-time updates for their air cargo operations.

The TACT Air Cargo Solutions team is committed to further support the digitization of the industry, and delivering added-value modules through its digital offering. All customers receiving currently the manuals will be supported during the migration to the digital solutions as of June 2021, which marks the last edition of the TACT Tariffs Manuals.

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