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4 October 2019

We know because we asked - IATA Global Passenger Survey Results

​In its effort to provide a seamless and personalized passenger journey to air travelers, the travel industry must continuously adapt to market changes and new technology. In this context, IATA has carried out a Global Passenger Survey (GPS) since 2012, collecting feedback from more than ten thousand passengers every year, and delivering detailed insight into what passengers want and need when traveling by air.

The 2019 edition of the survey has been revised to better address the latest trends in the travel industry. Important questions from last year’s edition were maintained to be able to track trends. “We have asked about the purchase and booking preferences, readiness to use biometrics to speed-up processing at the airport or the preferred way of contacting the airline in case the travel is disrupted," says Katarzyna Berbari, Product Manager, Surveys Portfolio at IATA.  "On a separate note, we have added questions that helped us focus on aspects of bringing baggage on-board instead of checking it in, importance of having wi-fi on-board or flying with different carriers during one trip.” 

The 2019 study was performed from April 18 to June 30. Over ten thousand respondents across 171 countries contributed to the GPS this year.

Detailed results will be announced at the IATA Global Airport and Passenger Symposium in Warsaw, Poland and published at on October 15.

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