The Schedule Reference Service (SRS) is a neutral source of schedule data that provides the Aviation Industry with a quality service for the collection, validation, consolidation and distribution of airline flight schedules and related data - including Minimum Connect Time data, IATA airline, stations and aircraft equipment decode data files and Daylight Saving Time Zone data for every country in the world.

The SRS is marketed and distributed to the industry through a strategic partnership established in 2003 between IATA and Innovata -the database manager and owner of all data files marketed under the SRS banner.

SRS Goals

IATA, with the direct support and endorsement of a team of airline industry experts, selected Innovata llc as the service provider for the SRS in 2002 and confirmed the following as the primary SRS goals:

  • Provide a secure supply of schedules and related data to all users
  • Reduce costs related to schedules data management
  • Maintain a robust, stable, cost effective and neutral industry schedules service
  • Increase e-commerce opportunities to maximize product distribution opportunities and reduce airline distribution costs
  • Offer solutions designed for the Airline Industry professionals

The SRS database maintained by Innovata contains passenger and cargo schedules for close to 850 airlines. The Minimum Connect Time database contains almost 100,000 exceptions to IATA default values filed by airlines with Innovata.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find out more about the benefits provided by the SRS for an Airline, how to submit airline schedules for inclusion in the SRS and the Data Quality Assurance process performed by the SRS provider.

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