The latest facilitation-related processes and policies

3rd edition available since November 2017

​The IGF 3rd edition is now available in the new mobile version. It can now be accessed on any device, PC or non-PC, tablet or computer. No installation challenges; the information to access it is sent by email, avoiding freight charges or customs clearance. For more information such as technical specifications or FAQs, go to the eLibrary Mobile page.

This edition, you can also add the print format by getting the combo.


In the post 9/11 era, aviation worldwide is challenged to expedite the movement of people and goods whilst fulfilling the formalities required at international boundaries. There are, however, areas where unnecessary or outdated regulations can be eliminated by replacing them with improved inspection and operational procedures. The IGF identifies these, and if applied correctly, could bring the following measurable benefits:

  • Reduced costs of compliance and administration
  • Reduced incidence of inadmissible passenger arrivals and the associated costs
  • Rapid processing of passengers and crew allowing reduced minimum times for passengers connecting to other flights and a faster sign off of crew
  • Better ability to cope with increased arrivals during regular or unanticipated peak periods, extending the capacity of existing airport infrastructure
  • Reduced reliance on ever-increasing numbers of government personnel in primary inspection desks
  • Speedier clearances of cargo leading to reduced warehousing requirements and more satisfied customers
  • Reduced unnecessary and/or redundant paperwork

New in the 3rd edition (effective Nov. 2017)

  • API is going global - gear up for compliance with this mandatory standard
  • Electronic Travel Systems (ETS) - all the guidance you need for visa-free travel deployment
  • All chapters aligned with ICAO’s Annex 9 on Facilitation, Amendment 26 (in force on 23 February 2018) – ensure you are compliant
  • Introducing the One ID concept and its impact on facilitation
  • Understanding the importance of Single Window
  • New guidance material on unaccompanied minors

A must-have resource

In its simplest form, the aim of Facilitation (FAL) is to improve the movement of people and goods using international air transport, and to allow them to efficiently pass through international border controls more quickly. The IGF is ideal for facilitation staff, responsible for responding to policy and technical issues related to facilitation, who work for:

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Border management
  • Government agencies
  • Industry service providers

​With increasing passenger numbers and Advance Passenger Information (API) requirements, never before has the need been so great for agreeing on key passenger facilitation principles and harmonizing regulatory requirements.

In 2018, API will become a mandatory requirement, which means that many more states will join the 68 countries currently applying it. The IATA Guide to Facilitation (IGF) assists in making sense of API and other key procedures including but not limited to Electronic Travel Systems (ETS), Single Window, Passenger Number Records (PNR) and One ID.

IATA Guide to Facilitation

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IATA Guide to Facilitation (Mobile Version)

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IATA Guide to Facilitation (Book & Mobile)

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