A customizable TACT rates and rules data feed

TACT Data is a data feed that contains either the TACT Rates or the TACT Rules. TACT Data files can be easily integrated in any in-house computer system.

TACT Data Rates

TACT Data Rates are supplied in ASCII format. The rates files are available in a 80-character or 150-character layout (80/150 characters each line), in CRLF (carriage return and line feed). Depending on your requirements, you can subscribe to rates files with the following coverage:

  • Worldwide rates
  • Rates to and from one country
  • Rates from a country

TACT Data Rules

TACT Data Rules contain general industry rules information, country import and export regulations and carrier rules of transportation. TACT Data Rules can be supplied in PDF format.

Key Benefits

  • The integration of TACT Data in your internal system can streamline your cargo process and improve efficiency
  • Since the data is available at desktop level throughout the organization, the information provided to all employees is consistent
  • You can build your own historical database for analysis purpose

Designed for

TACT Data is best suited for the freight forwarding industry and airlines that have a corporate network to integrate the data and standardize the cargo process.

If you have questions about ordering TACT Data Rates and Rules, please contact us.