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Introducing instant access to global air cargo rates

What if there was a way to get the most up-to-date rates you need, instantly? Now there is! We are thrilled to announce a new way to retrieve only the TACT Industry and Carrier Rates you need!

TACT Web Services

TACT Web Services is a new product allowing your staff to instantly and securely retrieve the most up-to-date rates by sending an automated web service request to extract rates from the TACT database. This is done by initiating an IT call request which can be set up in minutes. IATA will support you with the integration of this functionality.

Why do you need TACT Web Services to automate operational processes?


  • Speed up shipment processing
  • Improve accuracy and consistency
  • Prevent human error
  • Ensure all staff are working from the same up-to-date information

TACT Web Services will allow you to:


  • Obtain the most up-to-date TACT rates
  • Access IATA support information
  • Manage your account, transactions and users online

Get the rates information you need instantly — get TACT Web Services!

For more information on the TACT Web Services such as price proposal, sample data, or access to the Sandbox environment for testing, please contact the TACT team.