Over 700 million international passengers are checked each year via Timatic. 

Airlines that rely on Timatic for a go/no go decision when it comes to passport, visa and health document validation save, on average, $0.60 per boarded passenger. Fewer mistakes and faster check-in means happier customers and fewer fines.

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We’re 100% confident in the data provided by Timatic - American Airlines

Automate Check-In

Many Timatic customers use our solutions as part of their check-in operations such as self-check-in kiosks or on their websites. Timatic can easily be added in your operations as it’s already integrated with Amadeus, Sabre and Navitaire as well as all other major Departure Control Systems (DCSs).

Timatic is also available as an API or widget, on the web and even in paper form via the Tim Manual. If you need help with integration, let us know and we'll make sure you get dedicated support.

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If your team has requested IT specs, our tech requirement one sheet has all the information they need to decide on next steps.

Leading airlines use Timatic to check over 700 million international passengers each year! These include: