Automating the Passenger Travel Document Checks

Timatic AutoCheck enables airlines and ground handlers to automate the passenger travel document compliance process so that 100% of international passengers can have their document checked automatically.​​

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How does automate​d travel document compliance work?

This check is performed when the passenger checks in for their international flight at a kiosk, bag-drop or even online. The passenger scans their travel document (or enters the data), the document data is combined with the itinerary data and submitted to Timatic AutoCheck. In the vast majority of cases an “OK” is instantaneously returned and the check-in process is allowed to proceed seamlessly.

Where the document is not sufficient or there is an issue, a simple instruction is returned such as ‘Visa Required’ or ‘Passport needs to be valid for 6 months upon arrival’. The airline can decide how to direct the passenger based on their operating procedures.
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Process simplification benefits

  • Reduced operational and staff requirements
  • Reduced staff training costs
  • Increased penetration of self-service check-in
  • Reduced fines and repatriation costs
  • Reduced passenger compensation for incorrect refusal to board
  • Enhanced customer experience

Huge savings for airlines

Automating the travel document compliance process can save airlines up to US$ 0.59 per passenger boarded, comprised of:

  • Reduction in inefficient manual processes - $0.21
  • Reduction of passenger fines and managing these passengers - $0.14
  • Increased cost savings due to increased penetration of self-service check-in - $0.24

More information 

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Timatic AutoCheck Solution

Timatic AutoCheck provides a Web Services XML interface into the Timatic database. This database is updated over 50 times per day by the Timatic Research and Editing Department.

Timatic AutoCheck is used by a wide variety of scheduled, charter and low cost airlines as well as the Star Alliance. Customers benefiting from Timatic AutoCheck include: Delta, British Airways, Southwest Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand, to name a few of the many.

Training Course

Documentation Control and Passenger Assessment. Get practical knowledge and tools about Travel Documents required prior boarding, recognize potentially disruptive passengers, prevent delays and avoid penalties due to inadmissible passengers.