​Automated Document Check

The latest addition to IATA's world-leading Timatic Solutions portfolio, Timatic Mobile is a mobile application for use by airline, ground handling and security agents. It provides convenient access to the latest immigration rules and regulations, and enables agents to easily run personalized document checks just by scanning passenger travel documents with their mobile device. The scanned documents are then automatically recognized and cross-checked against the comprehensive IATA Timatic database for compliance with applicable immigration regulations, and agents are instantly shown a clear decision.

Why Timatic Mobile is right for you

Timatic Mobile is the result of intensive industry research by IATA. As a stand-alone solution, it enables agents to access Timatic anywhere and to easily expand their service coverage where automated document check might otherwise be lacking, such as check-in counters, bag drops, security checkpoints, boarding gates or information desks. Furthermore, the built-in smart scanner allows quick and accurate classification of dozens of different travel documents beyond common passports and visas, which would normally not be possible using traditional swipe readers.


  • Simplify check-in, bag drop and boarding
  • Improve passenger experience through faster and better service
  • Minimize immigration fines and repatriation costs
  • Reduce operational overhead for ground personnel


  • Automatically scans passports, visas, residence permits, ID card
  • Clear "Board / Do Not Board" result with concise instructions
  • Itinerary import through PNL file or boarding pass scan
  • DCS-independent, available anywhere over regular Internet
  • Available for smartphones and tablets, on both iOS and Android

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