Timatic Sourcing is responsible for developing and maintaining sourcing relations with airlines and immigration authorities, ministries of foreign affairs and other government departments to ensure the advice provided by Timatic to its users is accurate.

​​​​Timatic Solutions are used by airlines, ground handlers, travel agents and other organizations to ensure that their passengers are compliant with border control rules and regulations before they board their flight. With the latest Timatic solutions these checks can now be done as early as the booking process, as part of an automated process.

Partnering for proactive updates

Timatic’s vision is to enable airlines and other aviation partners to securely manage the passenger document verification process by providing Timatic solutions containing 100% reliable information.

In order to achieve this, Timatic continues to partner with airlines, as well as developing closer bilateral relations with government agencies worldwide. Considerable effort is put into convincing governments to proactively send updates on immigration requirements to the Timatic team. This benefits all those involved in the passenger document compliance process, namely, airlines, handling agents, airports, customs and immigration authorities and, most of all, passengers.

We would like to invite relevant government agencies to join our extensive sourcing network to ensure that passengers always travel with correct documents. Watch the video to learn about the benefits of collaborating with Timatic by proactively sending updates.


For more information on Sourcing please call +31 20 403 7951. You can always e-mail us.