IATA Timatic is the industry solution used by airlines and travel agents to verify passengers travel document requirements for their destination and any transit points. Airlines use this information to ensure their customers are compliant with border control rules and regulations. Timatic delivers personalized information based on the passenger's destination, transit points, nationality, travel document, residence country etc.

Latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Regulations

The IATA Timatic team is in constant communication with governments and airlines around the world to ensure all travel documentation as well as health restriction checks requirements and rules are kept up-to-date in a real-time basis. Learn more

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TRAVELERS: See the latest travel restrictions per country via the IATA TravelCentre.

Benefits of Timatic

The key benefit of Timatic is the ability to reduce fines from the immigration department due to inadmissible passengers. Make sure your passenger is carrying the correct travel documentation. No delay or disruption during the check-in process and a hassle free travel experience, when passengers consult Timatic for their travel documentation requirements at the time of booking.

Timatic features

  • Passport requirements and recommendations
  • Visa requirements and recommendations
  • Health requirements and recommendations
  • Airport tax to be paid by the traveler at either departure or arrival airport
  • Customs regulations relating to import/export of goods and small pets by a passenger
  • Currency regulations relating to import and export by a passenger
  • Latest News on key regulation changes

Timatic is a mainframe application and is accessed via airline reservation or departure control systems. It can also be accessed by airlines and travel agents via most GDS systems.

TimaticWeb 2

TimaticWeb 2 is a web-based version of Timatic which can also be integrated into airline, travel agent and other travel related sites. An XML application interface is also available which enables airlines to integrate Timatic into departure control and other operational systems.

More Information

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For more information on using Timatic please download this User Guide (pdf).

Training Course

Documentation Control and Passenger Assessment. Get practical knowledge and tools about travel documents required prior boarding, recognize potentially disruptive passengers, prevent delays and avoid penalties due to inadmissible passengers.