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The Training Validation Program (TVP) recognizes a training organization through an assessment process. Organizations will be assessed by IATA according to the specific requirements of the program. Organizations compliant with such requirements shall be recognized as “Center of Excellence – Training Organization”.

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The recognition of an organization allows companies to improve their training system, standards and quality management in the critical areas of operations in the organization.

Companies that obtain the certification benefit from:

  • Recognition as a Center of Excellence – Training Organization, standing out in your market as the great workplace to learn and grow!
  • International recognition for meeting high standards of training
  • Web listing on the IATA OneSource registry
  • Permission to use the IATA TVP-Organization logo for specified promotions


Standardization and uniformity

IATA strives to achieve standardization and uniformity in the scope, depth, and quality of the assessments conducted. To ensure that all organizations are assessed in a consistent and objective manner, standardized assessment checklists, and criteria have been developed to guide the organization through the assessment process. The assessment criteria for the recognition of a training organization are based on two reference documents:

  • Training Validation Program (TVP) Manual
  • TVP-Organization Assessment Checklist

The assessment covers the following eight (8) critical areas of the operations of the organization:

  1. Organization and management
  2. Training and procedure manuals
  3. Training design and development
  4. Assessment (testing) and evaluation
  5. Training effectiveness
  6. Qualification of instructors and evaluators
  7. Management of the training documentation and records
  8. Facility, infrastructure and equipment

Organizations are required to go through an assessment process

TVP recognizes organizations through an assessment process. Organizations will be assessed by IATA according to the specific requirements of the Training Validation Program (TVP). The process to achieve the certification covers three distinct phases.

  1. Self-assessment
    Using an assessment checklist, the organization must answer numerous questions providing evidence for reference.
  2. Assessment
    A 3-5-day on-site assessment will be conducted by an IATA assessor to visit the facilities to ensure that they match the description received, and observe the current operations as described in the self-assessment phase.
  3. Validation
    Follow-up of any Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and its implementation. The IATA Assessment Report will then be issued and the organization recognized as a ‘Center of Excellence Training Organization’.

Center of Excellence – Training Organization

The following organizations have successfully completed the assessment and are recognized as a Center of Excellence – Training Organization, standing out in the market as a great workplace to learn and grow!



Company Location Certification date Certificate valid until
CACC Cargolinx Cairo, Egypt 9 April 2019 9 April 2023
Çelebi Ground Handling Istanbul, Turkey 12 March 2020 12 March 2022
China Southern Airlines Guangzhou, China (Peoples Republic of) 1 January 2021 31 December 2022
Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal (PACTL) Shanghai, China (Peoples Republic of) 1 January 2021 31 December 2022

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