Less time, more accuracy, instant updates.

For freight forwarders, productivity is key. The benefits of integrating TACT Tariffs directly into your transportation management system can be substantial.  Let’s take a look at the value TACT Tariffs integration can bring to you.

Customers have reported a per tariff search reduction from 180 seconds to less than 10.

If you are overseeing a global network, that makes even  250 shipments per day, you can expect a $60,000 saving in labour costs alone.

Search results based on up-to-date tariffs appear directly in your system,  significantly reducing the human error that results in delays, incorrect billings and risk of higher non-compliance. 

It’s not just money. Providing a more reliable service means better customer relationships, faster transit times and more long-term contracts. 

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API or Flat File?

TACT Integration comes in two formats: API (Web Service) and Flat File.

The main factors for deciding between versions is the technology of your existing software and your business requirements. 

If you’re not sure if your software can handle the API or the Flat File, write to us. We're happy to help. 


TACT Tariffs API TACT Tariffs Flat File
Updates: automatic in real time  Updates: monthly via SFTP
Format: cloud based Format: ASCII
Price structure: annual subscription, based on number of calls  Price structure: annual subscription, on the geographic scope
Software requirements: must be able to support API integration Software requirements: most transportation management software supports TACT Tariffs Flat File
Best for: customers with modern systems looking for flexible integration or low volume across several countries Best for: customers with legacy systems, requiring data to be integrated in their system

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