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Work smarter. Ship faster.

Future-facing businesses are embracing all-in-one solutions for rates, tariffs and rules. Our powerful IATA Net Rates distribution system connects airlines and freight forwarders, privately and securely. 

For freight forwarders, streamlined processes and on-demand access to the latest information mean huge potential gains in accuracy and productivity.

On the airline side, IATA Net Rates automates rate distribution on a stable and secure platform, easily accessible by freight forwarders of all sizes and in all markets, no matter how niche.

Faster. Smarter. Net Rates.

Standardized air cargo distribution data for all

Everyone in air cargo benefits from a centralized online system for rates and schedules. 

How IATA Net Rates helps:

Airline Distribute, promote and sell globally.
IATA Net Rates is a secure, automated global channel that improves your rates distribution and accuracy regardless of your current technology.
Freight forwarder Search. Compare. Book. Ship. Globally.
Instant access to the right rates, schedules and capacity in real time. No more wasting time figuring out what surcharges apply, or if the billing you received is accurate.
General sales agent (GSA)

Receive. Distribute. Promote. Sell. Locally.
IATA Net Rates collects rates from the airlines you represent, making it easy to distribute them to your local market. The same platform manages ad hoc requests and bookings, allowing you to increase your margins even more.

IT and TMS provider Integrate. Standardize. Seamless. Global.
Connect your system seamlessly the IATA Net Rates tech stack and manage distribution, ad hoc requests and bookings without ever leaving your system.

An essential TACT add-on

Already using TACT Tariffs? Net Rates and TACT have been designed to work together from the very beginning.

Using one platform to access all the most up-to-date rates, rule and tariffs just makes sense.  No more internet deep diving for airline data, constantly having to check your sources are current or paying to access information you don’t need. Using Net Rates and TACT together means you can:

  • Reduce processing errors and the resulting rate disputes
  • Automate large parts of your shipping process
  • Worry less about fines, delays or refusals due to incorrect paperwork
  • Significantly reduce processing time and therefore also admin and staffing costs
  • Leverage the automation to assign basic processing tasks to non-experts

Stay up-to-date

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