Fast, portable, couldn't be easier.

Integrating a single source of information into your workflow makes every look up faster, more accurate and easier for non-experts navigate.

The robust search function means no more flipping through outdated manuals. Less experienced employees are able to find the right information with less help from senior staff.

Because it can be used on a tablet or phone, employees can access what they need anywhere in the building.  No more guessing because the computer was too far away to check.

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What is in TACT Online?

TACT Online is a web-based tool offering the most comprehensive content within the TACT product portfolio. It provides easy access to industry and carrier tariffs, rules, cargo schedules, compliance module and much more! Easy to use and just a quick search away means you’re prepared for any possible scenario.

To see just how easy TACT is, Jeff (an alpaca) can help.

Let’s say you want to ship Jeff to Gdansk:

  • Rules will tell you what size of box is needed, how Jeff must be transported, what documentation is required and if the Polish customs will accept him.
  • Rates will tell you how much it will cost, and who can transport Jeff.
  • Schedules tell you when Jeff will arrive in Gdansk.
Rules Tariffs Schedules
  • Industry, carrier and country rules
  • Air waybill completion
  • Airport and storage facility handing and equipment
  • Airline, city and airport codes
  • Documentation requirements
  • Sourced from over 300 ground handling agents, airlines and government agencies
  • >5m industry and carrier tariffs
  • >350,000 city pairs
  • handling charges
  • cargo claims calculations
  • Over 100 contributing airlines
  • Worldwide schedules for over 1,000 airlines

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