​​​​​​​​​Prepare your air transport organization for crisis and protect its reputation with the help of our expert consultants.

Air transport crises, accidents, and incidents are rare - but when they happen your organization needs to have a crisis communications strategy in place. Our experts guide your crisis communications preparations according to industry standards and best practices.

​Preparing your crisis communications strategy

In assessing your organization's preparedness for communicating in a crisis, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can your air transport organization demonstrate that your company is doing the right thing in response to a crisis situation?
  • Do your passengers outside of the crisis know what to expect if they are flying with you?
  • Is you communications strategy updated and well-practised?
  • Are you well prepared to use social media to demonstrate your organization’s leadership and values during a crisis?
  • Does everybody in your organization readily know their role and the ground rules for communications during a crisis?

How we help you strategize for crisis

​Our consulting experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in crisis communications. Our experts will work with your organization to design, develop and implement an effective and timely crisis communications strategy.

Internal Assessment

Assess your organization’s existing crisis communication policies, procedures, tools and resources, with recommendations for improvement to your crisis communications and social media guidelines where warranted.​

Crisis Communications Manual

Review an existing or develop a new Crisis Communications Manual for your organization, including assigning roles and responsibilities and defining tasks for an effective and timely crisis communication.

Crisis Communications Simulation

Test your organization’s crisis communications policies, procedures, staff roles and tasks in a full-scale exercise, along with recommendations to improve your Crisis Communications Manual.

Staff Training

Coach your organization’s employees who may be called upon to speak for the company in a crisis situation to communicate confidently, effectively, sincerely and compassionately under high pressure and in difficult circumstances.

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