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11 October 2021

WFS 2021 - See the full program!

Next week, senior aviation finance experts, executives and partners will share their views on the challenges faced and shaping up our industry for the restart. World Financial Symposium Agenda (pdf) is now published!

As borders begin to re-open, airline CFOs confront a vastly changed environment in which investment requirements must be tempered to the new economic realities, including record industry losses and soaring debt levels. Many carriers are still experiencing negative cash flow even as they plan to bring back employees and return aircraft to service. The IATA WFS 2021 edition will address these and other key topics. Concurrently, the industry must plan for a sustainable future and the requisite investments to reach our carbon reduction goals.
Register now to attend. Please note there is no charge to attend for Airline Delegates.
In short, IATA WFS 2021 edition will address these key topics through a rich and diversified agenda, encompassing:

  • A plenary, gathering C-suite speakers
  • Six tracks, diving into the challenges faced during Covid, the lessons learned and way moving forward to build Airline Finance for the Future.  
  • A closing note, where we will be making a big announcement for IATA WFS 2022!

Download the full program (pdf) and lock your agenda!

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