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31 January 2020

Airline Cost Management lands in Singapore


The main purpose of this Workshop is to raise awareness among Airlines about the IATA Data Exchange Program for benchmarking operational and strategic KPIs.

The Data Exchange Program is based on a give-to-get basis, which implies that any Airline sharing data within this Program has access to a number of detailed cost benchmarks. These benchmarks may assist in evaluating Airline’s financial performance against Industry - by regions, fleet types and categories, and also help uncover and drive new operational efficiencies.

IATA Airline Cost Management Workshop alternate goal is to discuss best practices in implementing cost management strategies and efficient processes throughout Airline operations. At this Workshop we’ll focus a bit more on the fuel efficiency, related KPIs and best practices. We also plan to brief the audience about overall Industry financial health and developments.

On the second day of the Workshop IATA will update participants on the status of the distribution cost data collection and expected next steps. Afterwards attendees are welcome to join the one-on-one sessions with IATA, where they could ask any questions about the Program or share their views and expectations.

We welcome leads of Finance, Operations, Cost Excellence, Data Management and Business Development functions to IATA Airline Cost Management Workshop!

Participation in the Workshop is free of charge for Airlines, but don’t forget to register here.

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