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24 October 2019

Open AIR - Building an Open API Ecosystem for the Airline Industry

The Open Air project aims to facilitate the development of an airline Open API ecosystem through the development of industry standards and best practices using Open API technology.  The project officially launched earlier this year and is focusing on building the first industry Flight Status API standard through the Airline Industry Data Model using REST/JSON.
In addition to the standard activities, an Open Air API Registry was also launched to help give airlines the opportunity to promote their compliant APIs and to discover other potential business partners using common standards.  So far 5 airlines have certified and published APIs against the Open Air Compliance Checklist
Throughout the next two years, the project will continue to drive development of REST/JSON API best practices and explore additional capabilities required to scale the adoption of Open APIs in the airline industry such as discoverability through advanced directory services and developer identity management.  For additional information on the project or to get involved in the standard setting activities, please refer to

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