Tackle the root causes of ADMs

The industry currently issues 2.6 million Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) for a total value of US$436 million. This means that for every $571 sold by an airline,  $1 has to be recovered through an Agency Debit Memo (ADM).  Managing this process costs the industry $150 million per year. Without visibility over the reasons for issuance, airlines are not able to reduce their share of the costs. 

IATA ADM Insight is an online tool that provides airlines with a complete overview of their own ADM issuance, along with comprehensive analytics, so it is easy to identify the weak points and plan on how to overcome them. The tool enables airlines to understand what are the trends related to issuance of ADMs, so they can prevent revenue leakage to improve their cash flow.

Zero in on the sources of inefficiency

IATA ADM Insight helps in:

  • Identifying points of revenue leakage
  • Evaluating internal and partner engagement to resolve disputes
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of improvement actions

Build improvements based on facts

  • Improve the quality of airlines partnerships – ADM Insight gives airlines an unprecedented level of information to guide and give meaning to the conversations with their partner travel agents.
  • Enhance cashflow – ADM Insight helps to be more accurate in airlines ADM issuance and reduce management costs.
  • Streamline airlines’ internal processes – ADM Insight enables to quantify cost, benchmark performance and identify problem areas, so airlines can take corrective action.

View, analyze and understand

IATA ADM Insight provides airlines all the tools needed to fully understand their  situation with regard to their own ADM issuance:

  • Complete worldwide* overview of the airline’s ADM data – Understanding the dynamics behind the airline’s issuance of ADMs around the globe.
  • Summary of the airline’s dispute process – Seeing at a glance at what stage of the lifecycle disputed funds sit, and gauge their success at short-term recovery.
  • Breakdown of ADMs per category – Examining the details that contribute to airline’s ADMs – reason for issuance, related transaction, geography, form of payment – and evaluate the quality of the adjustment information provided, to avoid disputes.
  • Advanced sorting and filtering – Ranking top recipients of ADMs, investigating country-specific issues, drilling down to identify emerging trends.
  • Visual understanding – Augmenting and substantiating and airline’s reports, presentations and action plans with easy-to-download charts, graphs and dashboards.
  • Benchmark – Assessing an airline’s ratios of ADM value-to-sales and volume-to-tickets, and compare these, the airline’s dispute rate and recovery rate to industry levels.
  • Further, customized analysis – Extracting granular data in Excel format to build analysis and action plans.
  • Daily updates of raw data – Confirming trends and improving decision outcomes with the very latest information.


*except People's Republic of China

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