Find out the latest on Billing and Settlement (BSP) Output Reports - main advantage of the new IATA software for industry settlement. These reports are based on the current Japanese format. A total of 139 airlines have been already using them for over two years and have provided positive feedback.

The new output reports will incorporate the recommendations from the IATA Settlement Systems Working Group (ISSWG) with the objective of:

  • Minimizing the number of outputs whilst maximizing the content displayed
  • Providing a set of standard outputs applied globally across all BSPs
  • Aligning to e-ticketing processing (current reports are based on paper ticketing processes)


  • Standard terminology including consistent coding, naming, content and structure
  • Comprehensive explanatory notes in the header
  • Clear display of information
  • Statistical outputs with calendar months based on the date of issue

Output Classification

  • FC - Financial Control Outputs related to the settlement amounts generated for a carrier
  • DQ - Data Quality Validation errors identified during file loading for all input files to identify transactions that have been rejected, modified or flagged with a warning
  • RM - Risk Management Reports monitoring the risk of the operation according to the threshold established by each airline per document type
  • PC - Payment Card Reports Credit card processing details including rejects, warning and modification of transactions
  • MI - Management Information Business intelligence and monthly transaction summary reports

Access report review (pdf) for additional information in each of the categories

Transaction Data Files

With the IATA BSP software (IBSPs) implementations, IATA will continue to provide output files in pdf format to both airlines and agents.

Some BSP participants are currently using simplified local/proprietary files in ASCII/Excel format or the billing details and summary pdf documents to be uploaded into back office systems for reconciliation purposes.

IATA strongly recommends that BSP participants change this practice to take advantage of the structured data files that are available for back office purposes:

  • DISH HOT files - This is the most complete and up-to-date industry standard output provided to airlines and agents. IATA strongly recommends the usage of this format as recipients will benefit from all future DISH updates by using this standard DISH format.
  • IBSPs Transactional Files - This is an alternative electronic output in a simple and structured format that supports reconciliation purposes. The new transaction files will be part of the Management Information category, available to airlines and agents, and will provide partners with a list of transactions in a simplified structured format for loading into a spreadsheet or back office system.

For Airlines:

MIAITXNDET Airline Transaction Detail This contains one record per agent per transaction of their processed transactions for the billing period
MIAITXNSUM Airline Transaction Summary Provides an airline with a summary of transactions by document category and by system provider

For Agents and Groups:

MIAGTXNDET Agent Transaction Detail or MIGRTXNDET Agent Group Transaction Detail provides an agent with a list of transactions in a simplified structured format
MIAGTXNSUM Agent Transaction Summary or MIGRTXNSUM Agent Group Transaction Summary provides an agent with a summary of transactions in simplified structure