The Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) relies on data processing activities that produce standard files based on passenger sales tickets, which provide the basis for Remittance and Settlement between airlines and travel agents. As such, BSP data processing becomes core to the IATA Settlement Systems (ISS) activities.

Most air passenger industry developments (e-ticketing, Electronic Miscellaneous Documents and New Distribution Capability) have been supported by BSP data processing standards and systems. Now, new software for settlement will provide the consistency and simplification required for the common application of global standards.

The Current Situation

Globally, Data Processing Centers (DPCs) receive thousands of files on a daily basis containing some 1.3 million ticket transactions from over 160 countries. Based on these files, hundreds of different types of reports are being generated for BSP participants.

Currently six different companies act as DPC Partners and provide BSP data processing services through diverse systems and applications. The diversity of DPC systems has incurred in inconsistencies in service delivery and when incorporating changes to the BSP.

The Solution

The IATA BSP software (IBSPs) is the new BSP reporting and billing processing software recently redeveloped with the latest technologies and improvements in security, speed, automation while being PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliant, that aims to become a single global platform used across all our Data Processing Centers (DPCs) for BSP operations.

The Approach

With the support and engagement of our DPC partners across all regions, IBSPs will be implemented in each BSP during the next 4 years. The Migration waves will focus sequentially by HUBs moving geographically and time period.

What are the improvements that IBSPs will bring along?

The same processing rules and financial results between current DPCs will apply to the following improvements:

  • One software and standardized DPC processes allows for quicker adaption to market changes
  • Enhancements to the output reports to standardize the format and content to deliver a consistent service globally across all BSPs.
  • Discontinue non-standard reports and streamline all the market in receiving the same type of outputs
  • DISH 22 compliant software

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