CardClear solution from Accelya helps airlines reap the benefit of consistent processes across their global card operations. It streamlines and centralizes card processing in desired currencies for airline’s BSP and direct sales through selected global acquirers. It offers daily billing and settlement of all major card brands, including American Express, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard, Discover, Visa and UATP, enabling airlines to repatriate funds more effectively, while minimizing associated costs. CardClear provides card centralization to more than 140 airlines across the world and handles card transactions from over 130 IATA BSP countries.

CardClear is a part of VIVALDI, the end to end card management solution from Accelya. It includes CardClear, Reconciliation, Chargeback management and Payment services.

Benefits of Using CardClear

Centralized and standard processes

CardClear enables airlines to centralize funds through their selected acquirers in currencies of their choice. This means consistent processes and easier payment processing.

Prevent revenue leakage

As a result of centralization, airlines benefit from a consolidated view across selected global acquirers. CardClear ensures that appropriate accounting standards are applied for better control over processes. This eliminates the possibility of fraud and revenue leakage.

Negotiate better rates with acquirers

Central submission of bills increases the volume of transactions processed through an acquirer, and brings in advantages of economies of scale. Access to consolidated intelligence on card payments helps airlines negotiate better terms with acquirers.

Get easier access to new markets

CardClear accepts all card types (VI, MC, AX, DC, JCB, Discover, UATP, Debit and PayPal) and supports and facilitates multi-currency billing. It processes more than 82 currencies, allowing airlines to settle any transaction in the desired currency, irrespective of the original currency of the sale.

Reduce cost of processing card payments

CardClear is a fully automated process for aggregating and presenting card payments. This eliminates the need to maintain local acquirers, settlement process and teams in multiple countries, substantially freeing up resources.

Get flexibility in treasury management

Flexibility to select and change preferred acquirer, currency and country for treasury management.

Maximize revenue from card sales

Manual processing of card payments often leads to instances of ‘failed to bill’ transactions. CardClear, being an automated solution, ensures all transactions are appropriately billed in time, thereby maximizing revenue from card sales.

Reduce time to cash

Timely billing of card payments reduces cycle time from sale to cash to one day.

Improve efficiency

Fully automated process leads to reduced errors and increased productivity.

Pay as you use

Transaction-based pricing ensures that the airline does not have to make investments in systems, training, upgrades and customization.

CardClear Facts

  • PCI DSS Certified
  • 140+ International Airlines use IATA CardClear
  • 11.5 M+ transactions processed annually
  • Linked to more than 130 BSP countries (pdf)
  • Dedicated team of analysts based provides a single point of contact for enquiries and resolution

CardClear is a service provided by Accelya UK Ltd, the parent company of which operates the largest IATA BSP Data Processing Centre in Madrid

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