Regional reconciliations at a glance

In order to obtain regional settlement reports, airlines often spend large amounts of time manually formatting BSP and/or CASS data. The IATA Remittance & Settlement (IRIS) Consolidated Settlement Report has been designed precisely to provided airlines with simplified settlement reporting. Settlement consolidation is automated, providing an overview of the funds collected through BSP or CASS for a specific settlement date and region

The report is:

  • Generated using the airline’s billing information processed by IRIS
  • Reconciled at the agent level, detailing agent remittances per Operation
  • Consolidated by region at the HUB level (Amman, Beijing, Singapore, Miami and Madrid)
  • Delivered the next day to BSPlink and CASSlink (local time of the HUB)
  • Also displays negative settlement amounts owed by airlines, if applicable

The end product is a report that is:

  • Faster (produced instantly and delivered daily)
  • Cost Efficient (Reduce processing cost for the airline)
  • More accurate (eliminates errors by automating processes)

The new report will add value to your operations by providing the settlement data in one consolidated report. Free up time and money while gaining greater visibility on your cash flow.

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Certain operations may not be initially covered in the Report. Please contact us through the Customer Portal to obtain the list of these operations.