Taxes Applied on Ancillary Sales (TAAS) is a data repository of taxes applied on the sales of airlines ancillaries. This is a joint effort between airlines who contribute with the tax sales data applied in their home countries, and IATA who maintains and publishes this information for the benefit of the Industry.

Industry Problem

Ancillaries sales have been growing significantly in the last few years. In 2019, ancillaries sales reached more than USD 90 billion and, each year, it is becoming a more significant part of the total revenue of many airlines. Currently, there is no central reference of taxes applied on the sales of ancillaries, and this lack of information generates confusion and implies processing and audit costs for airlines.

The taxes applied on the sales of ancillaries differ depending on the type of ancillary service or product in each tax jurisdiction (province, state, country), which makes it more difficult to have a clear understanding of which amounts should be collected.

Currently, airlines operating within the same jurisdiction gather the tax information separately, duplicating efforts and costs in the industry. The objective of creating a worldwide repository is to decrease the amount of time and cost invested to access this information.


The database currently has tax information for the sale of more than 130 ancillaries covering several countries. We encourage all airlines to become a data contributor to keep growing the database for the benefit of the industry.

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