The COVID-19 crisis has caused airlines to cancel more than one million flights globally. This changed the way airlines process refunds or offer credit for future flights. IATA has launched several activities to assist the industry efficiently address the customer vouchers and refunds topics.

IATA received a set of recommendations (pdf) jointly drafted by the World Travel Agents Associations Alliance (WTAAA), the United Federation of Travel Agent’s Associations (UFTAA), the European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Association (ECTAA) and TravelTech, reflecting the recommendations provided by the distribution chain in regards to the usage of vouchers and refunds, and for Airlines to consider individually.

These recommendations are published by IATA for general information purposes only. They do not purport to be commercial, legal or other advice. Nothing contained in these recommendations constitutes a recommendation, endorsement or preference by IATA. Different jurisdictions have varying (consumer and other) laws, regulations and procedures. No user of the information should act or rely on any information from these recommendations without seeking the advice of a competent legal counsel. This information is not intended to substitute for any business individual decision.


IATA held a webinar in April 2020 providing relevant information for airlines on customer vouchers. Recordings (pdf) are available. Please also check our FAQs list (pdf) to get more insights.   


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This central repository for airline vouchers and ticket exchange policies allows travel agents to access and process vouchers and ticket exchange information from each participating airline in a timely manner.


Airlines are strongly encouraged to read the communication on tools supporting ticket exchange and customer vouchers. 


The Refunds Repository (xls) centralizes airline public information and aims to support industry stakeholders in dealing with the impact of the COVID-19. Find out what are the refunds channels to be used by airline, and by country.

New entries are added on weekly basis.  

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About the Refunds Repository


This repository is for information purposes only. The data has been compiled based on publicly available information gathered directly from IATA member airlines. It is intended for travel agents use and refers to individual airline policies that apply to bookings made by travel agents only. For questions regarding flight changes and cancellations, passengers should only contact their airline or travel agent directly and shall not rely on the content of this repository.

IATA has undertaken reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information and it reserves the right at its sole discretion, but does not have the obligation, to modify, delete, edit, change and add any information on this page. Nothing contained in this document constitutes a recommendation, endorsement or preference by IATA. For the complete set of information regarding an airline’s policy, please refer to the airline contact information or relevant links provided in the repository.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability


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This information paper for airlines on customer vouchers in COVID-19 crisis (pdf) seeks to address some of the queries received from our member airlines with regards to the use of customer vouchers, such as: 

  • Constraints and impacts airlines must consider when using vouchers
  • Options available to airlines within existing standards to facilitate voucher policies

Please also see these  customer vouchers guidelines to IATA standards (pdf), providing guidance for airlines and travel agents.

In addition, discussions are under way in various groups under the Passenger Standards Conference on possible changes to industry standards to better facilitate the issuance and redemption of vouchers. They cover:

  • Possible changes to ticketing standards and offer and order management standards (as described by the New Distribution Capability or NDC program).
  • The possible development of new standards allowing airlines to exchange data with card acquires.

Please contact us for more information on how to get involved.

Automated management of incentives


To support airlines and agent, Global-net-remit (GNR5) now offers automation of the management of incentives placed for the issuance of vouchers or alternate transactions placed as an exchange. This service is offered at a special rate to airlines until the end of the year.

Please contact the GNR5 team for more information.