To respond to the massive flight cancellations due to the current COVID-19 crisis, airlines are offering different options to support passengers including refunds, vouchers or exchange of the initial ticket.

In order to ease travel agents’ work, IATA has built a central repository summarizing all public information available from its members Airlines Voucher and Ticket Exchange Policies 

Airlines wishing to make their policies available in this repository are welcome to contact us

About the Repository


This repository is for information purposes only. The data has been compiled based on publicly available information gathered directly from IATA member airlines. It is intended for travel agents use only and refers to individual airline policies that apply to bookings made by travel agents. Airlines are encouraged to cross check the information submitted to IATA with all other sources where they might have submitted information related to fares and rules.

For questions regarding flight changes and cancellations, passengers should only contact their airline or travel agent directly and shall not rely on the content of this repository.

IATA has undertaken reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information and it reserves the right at its sole discretion, but does not have the obligation, to modify, delete, edit, change and add any information on this page. Nothing contained in this document constitutes a recommendation, endorsement or preference by IATA. For the complete set of information regarding an airline’s policy, please refer to the airline contact information or relevant links provided in the repository.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability


IATA does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy or currency of the information contained on this page or linked to this page or the correctness of the information originating from any of the sources relied upon. IATA does not assume, and expressly disclaims, any liability to any person(s) or entities for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions on this page or misinterpretation of the contents hereof. Furthermore, IATA expressly disclaims any and all liability to any person or entity in respect of anything done or omitted, and the consequences of anything done or omitted, by any such person or entity in reliance on the contents of this page.