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IATA can offer you advice, guidance, support, all the latest regulatory information and great opportunities to network and expand your expertise in the area of aviation security.

Our wide-ranging security solutions come in many and varied formats, from publications and training materials, to consulting services and networking opportunities.

Security is everyone's business. The SeMS Manual (pdf) focuses on essential aspects of security management, including accountabilities and responsibilities assignment, improving communication and security culture. It features a brand new form to harmonize security reporting supported by industry specialists.

Security courses that provide timely information on legislation and strategies for addressing today's security challenges.

With courses ranging from operations to planning to management, you can find training for every step of your career.

Take our training to:

  • Stay current with international security standards and best practices
  • Cultivate technical, operational and executive management skills
  • Learn about crisis management and risk assessment

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Threats to aviation continue to evolve, as such many governments, international agencies and independent aviation stakeholders are striving to enhance and develop aviation security capabilities, both at home and abroad.

Our in-house expertise and global contacts are able to effectively work with any entity wishing to explore, design, manage, trial or deliver aviation security capacity development programs and projects.
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Timatic solutions cover every nationality and every destination, globally. We update our Timatic database an
average of 65+ times each day, with information from 1200+ government and industry sources.

Our Timatic AutoCheck solution enables you to automate the passenger travel document check process
and to check 100% of international passengers’ documents automatically.
See the Timatic Autocheck infographic (pdf).

With over 400 Strategic Partners are doing business with IATA, this program is a platform for aviation solution providers to build as well as strengthen relationships with key industry stakeholders.

Areas of involvement

The Safety and Security areas of involvement include:
  • Aviation Health and Medical
  • Data and Communications
  • Facilitation
  • Safety
  • Security

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