With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aviation industry, the International Air Transport Association commissioned a series of studies of air travelers to understand their concerns related to traveling during these uncertain times and to identify potential support measures which will re-build trust in traveling. The study explored the perceptions of 4,700 panel members from eleven countries (Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA) who traveled since July 2019.

An in-depth analysis of the results identified six traveler personas that are differentiated based on their willingness to return to travel:

  • The impatient innovator
  • The young early majority            
  • The untroubled 55+             
  • The wait-and-see X and Y generations    
  • The late business trip              
  • The late leisure trip

The main objective of this exercise was to understand the true Voice of the Passenger and see how different passengers perceive the process of returning to travel. The focus has been placed on identifying which safety measures and industry projects will contribute the most to passengers feeling safe and quick to return to their travel habits by taking into account a variety of people’s characteristics, their perceptions of the air industry and their concerns related to travel.

The analysis has been prepared in collaboration with Abscissa Research specializing in statistics, economic analysis and market research.

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