Airsat is a world-renowned passenger satisfaction benchmark survey designed specifically for airlines. Unique in the industry with its robust methodology, Airsat provides powerful passenger insight and supports airlines in strategic decision-making to differentiate from competitors and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Airsat is a comprehensive business intelligence tool that allows airlines to:

  • Measure passenger satisfaction on over 80 Key Performance Indicators and detailed travel attributes across the entire passenger journey, both on ground and in flight
  • Benchmark their performance against 30 other airlines
  • Understand their competitive advantage in a global landscape on 5 regional routes
  • Gather and analyse feedback on their product and service differentiation from over 80,000 passengers per year

As a result, powerful data on passenger experience of every aspect of the passenger journey is captured that guides airlines on setting priorities in the customer experience strategy.

As a business intelligence tool, Airsat is distinct from different industry rankings as it:

  • Supports organizations with strategic decision-making guiding airlines on how to improve their product and service offering as well as where to best invest their resources
  • Provides detailed analysis on a wide range of specific travel attributes
  • Is based on scientifically proven, unbiased methodology
  • Offers unlimited potential for statistical data analysis

Airsat methodology

Airsat uses unbiased, scientifically proven methodology to ensure that the data collected reflects the views of the actual air travelers' population. Managed by neutral organizations, it provides airlines with a reliable data to support their customer experience strategy.

  • Our research sample algorithm is built on critical assumptions to represent the actual passenger traffic of an airline
  • A hybrid method designed specifically for Airsat helps to leverage expert market research methodologies and to obtain a sample that is fully representative of an airline's complete passenger population
  • Our interviewers undergo extensive training and a validation program to further ensure the neutrality of the research
  • Our quality standards are implemented globally and exactly the same method is used for every airline ensuring that a fully reliable industry benchmark is delivered

Build your Customer Experience strategy with Airsat

Fuel your organization with powerful passenger insight to support strategic decision-making and allocate your investments effectively to differentiate from the competition as well as to provide an exceptional customer experience to your passengers.

Customer Experience framework powered by Airsat

Step 1
- Measure passenger satisfaction and benchment your performance throughout the end-to-end passenger journey

Step 2 - Examine industry trends to facilitate both evaluation of past inititiatives as well as the shaping of future strategies

Step 3 - Understand your customer needs and preferences to identify key areas of improvement that will have the strongest impact on passenger satisfaction

Step 4 - Analyze detailed attributed to define clear and specific improvement actions

Step 5 - Build your customer experience strategy with credible evidence

Step 6 - Track success of implemented improvements and assess your Return on Investment

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"Airsat is essential for us to understand not only how we are doing, but to understand deeply how we are doing vis-a-vis our competition. That is critical information to steer the airline."

"[Airsat] has been a critical component in driving our company's decision-making. Not only are the results presented to executives on a quarterly basis to help set our global strategies, detailed data are also shared with a host of departments to help them make decisions on launching new products/services or gauging the benefits of existing products/services. That’s why we are relying on Airsat to provide competitive customer satisfaction intelligence across majority of our geographic regions […] It has been a very rewarding investment for us!”

The Airsat Report

Airsat data is available in multiple formats to address your internal business needs to deliver management dashboards, share detailed insight with respective product and service departments or perform data mining to explore further deep-dive insight about your passengers.

Available formats include:

  • PowerPoint reports
  • Excel tables with pre-calculated results
  • Raw data
  • On-line reporting tool

Each cabin (First, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy) are reported separately to ensure the relevance of the benchmark.

The sample PowerPoint report touches on:

  • KPIs including Net Promoter Score (NPS) to help you understand your competitive positioning
  • Specific satisfaction ratings using Cabin Crew insight outlining perspectives for in-depth analysis potential
  • Identification of call-to-action attributes to help define next steps in your journey towards customer excellence

Because of the uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the date and location of the next Airsat forum is still to be defined.

Annual Airsat Forum


  • Network with peers specializing in passenger experience
  • Learn from user business cases and updates on program developments
  • Get inspired with new ideas on how to support your organisation in shaping exceptional passenger experience
  • Shape the future of Airsat in collaboration with the Airsat Community

Airsat Community

Airlines participating in Airsat contribute to building the IATA Passenger Insight Community that is comprised of airline industry leaders specialising in customer and market insight. The community meets every year at the annual Airsat Forum to discuss the latest trends in customer insight, share knowledge and inspire each other.

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