A powerful and essential market intelligence tool for air travel analysis

Passenger Intelligence Services (PaxIS), a product developed by IATA Business Intelligence Service, is the most comprehensive airline passenger market intelligence database available today, with more accurate, reliable and affordable data captured through IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).

What Is Included in PaxIS

PaxIS reports issued ticket information from more than 400 airlines and carriers covering 87 BSP offices.

  • Data available for January 2005 onwards
  • Detailed strategic information including:
    - Agency/Country / region of ticket issuance
    - Point of Origin airport / True origin airport / connecting airport (s) / final destination airport
    - Fare category: First, Business, Full Economy, Discounted Economy and Others
    - Avereage fare value: in USD or EUR
    - Month of ticket issuance / month of travel
  • Statistical estimates provided to cover direct sales, low cost carriers, charter flight operators, under-represented BSP markets and non-BSP markets, including the United States

Why PaxIS Is Useful?

PaxIS is an essential tool to conduct strategic analyses for:

  • Network planning and optimization
  • Fleet planning
  • Revenue management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Travel agency monitoring and performance analysis
  • Business and product development

PaxIS Key Features

  • Strong data coverage worldwide, including 163 countries
  • Standard and clean data: ready-to-use
  • Customized outputs tailored to client's specific data request
  • Web tool and flat file data delivery protocols
  • ARC and MIDT data integration available

By analyzing the complete O&D routing information, fare information and detailed market data from PaxIS, clients would be able to:

  • Gain thorough understanding of market dynamics
  • Have extended insight to explore new opportunities and sources of revenue
  • Develop strategies designed to increase market share based on detailed analysis of competition data

PaxIS Product Portfolio

  • Level 3: Data aggregated at individual airline level
  • Level 5: Daily, weekly or monthly updated raw data
  • PaxIS PLUS: Reported data aggregated combined with traffic estimates to cover 100% market

Companies Benefiting from PaxIS Services

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