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Get a Turbulence Aware demo now

IATA is offering a three (3)-month subscription to Turbulence Aware, free of charge to airlines, and commencing as soon as access is granted (when set-up, if required, is complete). There is no obligation to continue the subscription at the end of the free period. IATA reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time. All requests received at that time will be honored.


Airlines can sign up for Turbulence Aware and access real-time automated in-situ turbulence reports in the following ways:

  • IATA Turbulence Aware Viewer – Pilots and air navigation personnel can get a complete view of relevant turbulence via the web. This includes detailed reports – showing turbulence by location, and wind and temperature information – and SIGMETs. Data is available in real time for the last four hours and can be buffered around a flight path by entering a flight plan. It can also be filtered and displayed by flight level, and the trajectory of turbulence reports can be seen.
  • Existing in-house or third-party applications – An airline can display turbulence reports to pilots and dispatchers through its existing applications. Turbulence Aware data has already been integrated as a data layer by many third-party applications, and can easily be added to others.

Is EDR turbulence-reporting capability necessary to access Turbulence Aware?


IATA understands airlines have very limited resources at this time. To help airlines benefit from the services they need, we are therefore making them available without EDR reporting.

Please note that Turbulence Aware is a platform designed to enable industry-wide sharing of turbulence data, with the aim of improving situational awareness and increasing safety. To be effective, it requires airlines to contribute their data to the global pool. Long-term access to the system is therefore based on the ‘give-to-get’ approach, and airlines who participate will need to implement EDR reporting.

If your airline is considering implementing EDR reporting software now, IATA endorses a free, open-source EDR algorithm developed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). IATA provides free technical support for airlines implementing in-house. Alternatively, a number of third parties offer implementation services.

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