IATA - University of Geneva Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Aviation Management

About the diploma

12 LIVE virtual classroom courses to be completed in 1 year

IATA IATA - University of Geneva Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Aviation Management aviation training course

IATA and the University of Geneva have partnered to offer a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Aviation Management tailored for professionals from the dynamic and international aviation industry. The DAS Aviation Management enables tomorrow’s aspiring aviation leaders to face the challenges of today while planning for growth in the future without interrupting their careers.

Thanks to our particular blend of innovative teaching methods and a strong alumni network, the participants gain highly relevant knowledge and expertise to cope with future management challenges. This unique program offers the opportunity to gain specialized training with full academic accreditation, a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience!

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Diploma code: DIPL-37

Delivery methods

The program is delivered through LIVE virtual classrooms, providing real-time interactive instructor-led online learning where participants can communicate, view and discuss presentations. During the course, you will also engage with learning resources while working in groups, all in an online setting.

Aviation Management Program Schedule 2021-2022

All our courses will be held online

Welcome Session | 31 August 2021 | Online

Module 1: Airline Business Foundation | 06-10 September 2021
Module 2: Air Transportation Economics | 04-08 October 2021
Module 3: Aviation and the Environment | 25-29 October 2021
Module 4: International Air Law and Passenger Rights | 29 November 2021 – 03 December 2021
Module 5: Managing a Travel Business | 24-28 January 2022
Module 6: Airline Finance and Accounting Management | 21-25 February 2022
Module 7: Airport Business Management | 21-25 March 2022
Module 8: Air Cargo Management | 04-08 April 2022
Module 9: Safety Management Systems for Civil Aviation | 02-06 May 2022
Module 10: Aviation Security Management | 16-20 May 2022
Module 11: Leading Across Cultures | 6-10 June 2022
Module 12: Project Management | 20 June -04 July 2022

Three options for earning ECTS credits

  • Executive certificates for individual three-day courses – 3 credits
  • University of Geneva Aviation Management Program – 36 credits
  • Executive MBA specialized in Aviation Management – 90 credits (including 18 credits for the MBA project)

Contact Information

For more information about executive certificates, Aviation Management Program and the Executive MBA please fill out the request form.

What you will learn

Participants will gain in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in aviation economics, finance and regulatory issues. Additionally, the courses will explore international air law and strategic alliances programs, alongside quality management and control.

This aviation-program has four main objectives to improve your performance working in or with the aviation sector. It will:

  • Provide you with an overall understanding of the aviation industry
  • Equip you with the management tools that allow you to analyze your business environment
  • Map the main financial drivers in the industry
  • Help you to identify, analyze and offer solutions to everyday challenges


Claudia Candea, Independent Consultant and Trainer
This is an excellent program! Challenging yet effectively carried out by experts in the aviation industry as well as university professors. The courses have high-quality content and an engaging delivery.Varied professional and cultural backgrounds in my class contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. The courses cover many areas of the aviation industry thus giving me in-depth knowledge and tools to use in my future professional career.

Hasan Al Hammadi , Senior Vice President Executive Affairs, Etihad Airways
The program is an excellent umbrella for any individual at any given level in the industry. It gives high value based upon industry best practices, which is conveyed through the facilitators and participants alike. As much experience as we may possess there is always room to learn from each other and this program has not only facilitated that exchange of knowledge but has also been an ‘eye-opener’ for all of us.

Qihua Lin, Senior Aeronautical Charts Specialist, Lufthansa Systems Flight Nav AG
This program has broadened my horizons into the various aspects of the aviation industry. New concepts were learned and old concepts reinforced. The rich mixture of students from various backgrounds ensures that the teaching is not dominated by only the lecturer, but enables the students to learn from one and other. Also, it provides students with the opportunity of expanding their networks with people within the aviation industry - from all corners of the world. Furthermore, the Diploma is credited towards my Executive MBA at the University of Geneva. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who seeks personal enrichment.

Sabrina Weber, Air Transportation Specialist, DERTOUR GmbH & Co. KG
On one hand participation in this program provides us with theoretical knowledge from the IATA instructors and university professors. On the other hand, my classmates originate from different countries and continents with different professional backgrounds, and therefore we are additionally learning from each other´s experiences and real business situations in an international setting. This program definitely requires your full engagement and many efforts but it is a worthwhile investment in your future.

Giulio Leucci, Vice President. Aeroporti do Roma - Edizione s.r.l ( Part of the Benetton Group)
The program offers in-depth preparation for people involved in civil aviation industry fields. The combination of high-quality instructors and diversity of backgrounds among the students makes class; both stimulating and valuable. Moreover, the combination of IATA's professional environment and the academic leadership of the University of Geneva gives the program a unique advantage. Finally, having been selected to complete the full MBA program, I feel that this course of studies will allow me to reach the highest level of competency in managing the airport business.


The total cost for the program (12 modules) is USD18,000. You can also validate previously taken IATA courses toward this University of Geneva certified diploma.

The Advanced Studies in Aviation Management diploma can be validated as the second year of the University of Geneva Executive MBA

All candidates must complete a formal application

IATA - University of Geneva Advanced Studies in Aviation Management application form

Requirements for this program:

  • Three (3) years of relevant professional experience
  • Strong command of both written and spoken English
  • A university or equivalent degree is recommended

To receive the diploma candidates must complete

  • 12 Required courses

Required courses

Air Cargo Management - University of Geneva (classroom)

Learn the key elements necessary to manage a successful air cargo company.

  • English

Airline Business Foundations - University of Geneva (classroom)

Analyze various airline strategies and business models, and learn how they are managed and operated in a competitive global environment.

  • English

Airline Finance and Accounting Management - University of Geneva (classroom)

Identify key elements in analyzing the financial performance of your airline.

  • English

Airport Business Management - University of Geneva (classroom)

Learn how to strategize marketing opportunities and competitive threats, and achieve goals by using performance management systems.

  • English

Air Transport Economics - University of Geneva (classroom)

Benefit from IATA's unique vantage point in air transport economics. Examine key issues and concepts including how regulatory and state policies affect the aviation value chain and airline profitability.

  • English

Aviation and the Environment - University of Geneva (classroom)

Understand aviation environmental challenges and responses by drawing on best practices developed within the industry.

  • English

Aviation Security Management - University of Geneva (classroom)

Gain knowledge of aviation security from a management perspective and explore the issues facing Aviation Security Service management.

  • English

International Air Law and Passenger Rights - University of Geneva (classroom)

Strengthen your understanding of the context and requirements of international air law, air service agreements, open skies agreements and traffic rights

  • English

Leading Across Cultures - University of Geneva (classroom)

Discuss cultural biases and develop and apply a culture model at various levels; understand how culture impacts management practice.

  • English

Managing a Travel Business - University of Geneva (classroom)

Understand the key roles and activities in running a travel distribution business and learn travel management principles and strategies.

  • English

Project Management - University of Geneva (classroom)

Learn how to develop a project management plan, define scope, and determine project requirements.

  • English

Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Civil Aviation - University of Geneva (classroom)

Take on board the key safety management principles, and those of accident prevention and related human factors.

  • English

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