Building a Future ATM System (GEN-FUT) - with the EUROCONTROL Institute of ANS


This course is exploring different areas of the future ATM world taking into account existing and future challenges.
It covers general aspects (e.g. SES, SESAR, SJU, EAS, SESAR deployment manager, European ATM Master plan) as well as operational (e.g. role of the Network Manager) and technical areas (e.g. CNS, AIM, ATM Architecture), without forgetting the airport environment, RPAS and FEAST.

New topics about Remote Towers, ATM Security and GADSS (Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System are also included.

This course is delivered by the EUROCONTROL Training Institute.

Course code: TCVT-39

Course format

  • This classroom course provides 5 days of instruction


  • There are no prerequisites for this course

How to register

There are no scheduled classes at the moment

What you will learn

After completing the course, participants will have an appreciation of how the future European air traffic management system may evolve.

Who should attend

This course is recommended for:

  • Personnel working in any area of ATM, interested by an overview of how the future ATM world might look like.

Certificate awarded

All candidates will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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