Online exams with remote supervisions (OERS)

Need to change your exam date?

You can change your exam date and/or location within the enrollment period, as long as it is done before the exam registration deadline.

Exam results

You will receive the results of your online exams immediately after completing your exam.

  • IATA Training does not provide scores for exams. You will receive your result as a Pass, Pass with Distinction or Fail.
  • A distinction can only be obtained if you achieve the required minimum score on your first exam attempt.
  • Certificates and diplomas will be provided to individual students and to ATCs for ATC students, approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the exam results have been published. Individual students who write online exams with remote supervision will receive their certificates and diplomas directly from IATA Training, approximately 4 to 6 weeks after they write their exams.

Practice exam

We offer online practice exams for certain courses. If you are enrolled in one of these courses, you will be able to access the corresponding practice exam through your User Account.


We offer exam-on-demand sessions for organizations having a minimum of 10 students per exam session. The offer is subject to certain conditions and fees.

Other exam-related information

We aim to provide all the information you'll need to know about your exam, but if there's something you can't find, please visit our FAQ.