​Train with IATA for the latest best practices and regulatory requirements in Aviation Safety.

Safety is IATA’s top priority – we are committed to promoting safer environments in aviation by transferring knowledge and best practices through our safety experts.

We design hands-on training to help you stay compliant with regulatory requirements and cultivate your technical, operational and management skills.

Whatever your role, we have a safety course for you!

IATA offers safety courses and diplomas catering to all levels -below is a selection of our courses:

Airline Safety Investigation
Learn how to participate in an aircraft accident and serious incident investigation, in accordance with ICAO Annex 13 Standards. Understand the concepts, techniques and tools necessary for your airline to conduct effective internal safety investigations.

Emergency Response Planning for Airlines (ERP)
Learn about the design, implementation and optimization of an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) according to industry practice and regulatory requirements.

IOSA Airline Auditor courses

IOSA Airline Auditor Training
Meet the requirements of the IOSA Standard and Recommended Practice (ISARP) ORG 3.4.13 to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the training curriculum for auditors who are assigned to conduct internal auditing against the ISARPs.

IOSA Airline Auditor - Flight Operations (FLT) Discipline
Ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform internal audits using the IOSA discipline - Flight Operations (FLT) checklist.

IOSA Airline Auditor - Operational Control and Flight Dispatch (DSP) Discipline
Ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform internal audits using the IOSA discipline - Operational Control and Flight Dispatch (DSP) checklist.

Safety Management Systems courses

Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Airlines
Learn how to develop, manage and monitor a Safety Management System that fits your operations. The systematic SMS approach ensures both safer operations and improved overall efficiency by managing organizational structure, staff accountabilities, policies and procedures.

SMS Implementation and Control
This practical course gives you the expertise to implement a successful Safety Management System (SMS).

Root Cause Analysis
Learn the Root Cause Analysis techniques that are essential for compliance with ICAO and EASA Safety Management System (SMS) requirements and conformity with IATA’s IOSA and ISAGO audit programs.

Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs)
A foundation course in safety performance monitoring, introducing step-by-step methodologies.

Safety Risk Management
During this course, you will review your safety risk management process according to the ICAO safety performance requirements.