​​This interactive, flexible, and effective elearning will teach you how to implement best practices in auditing ground operations included within the scope of ISAGO.

Whether you simply want to know more about the ISAGO audit of a particular ground operations discipline or you'd like to become an ISAGO auditor, this training is a prerequisite part of your qualification as a member of the “IATA Charter of Professional Auditors” - the CoPA.

These courses are to help you understand and recognize the organization and management and operations associated with ISAGO, familiarize yourself with the relevant ISAGO standards and recommended practices, and learn how to audit against the standards and recommended practices applicable to the organization, management of ground operations and specific ground operations disciplines

Which ISAGO course(s) should I take?

The following eLearning course are available for each discipline included within the scope of an ISAGO Audit.

  • ISAGO Auditor CBT – Organization and Management (ORM)
    Systems, policies, programs, procedures and manuals that form the ground service provider's organization and management of ground operations provided at stations throughout its network.
  • ISAGO Auditor CBT – Load Control (LOD)
    Load planning; Weight and balance calculation; Aircraft loading supervision; Checking and finalization of the Loadsheet and other loading documents
  • ISAGO Auditor CBT – Passenger and Baggage Handling (PAB)
    Check-in, aircraft boarding and baggage handling procedures; the application of dangerous goods and security regulations; Aircraft loading/off-loading; Aircraft door operation and use of passenger boarding equipment
  • ISAGO Auditor CBT – Aircraft Handling and Loading (HDL)
    Operation of aircraft access doors and other access points; Operation of ground support equipment associated with aircraft handling and loading; Operation of passenger boarding equipment; Baggage sorting, transfer baggage and consignments shipped as baggage by courier; Loading and unloading of baggage, cargo, mail, stores and other items; Transportation of cargo and baggage to/from the warehouse or terminal; Coordination of aircraft loading documentation; Exterior servicing of an aircraft, to include catering, cleaning, lavatory and water
  • ISAGO Auditor CBT – Aircraft Ground Movement (AGM)
    Aircraft arrival and departure procedures including Marshalling; Towing and use of ground support equipment
  • ISAGO Auditor CBT – Cargo and Mail Handling (CGM)
    Cargo and mail handling functions conducted in cargo terminals or other designated handling facilities. Functions within the scope of cargo handling operations include Cargo and mail acceptance; Cargo and mail handling; Unit load device (ULD) loading/build-up/storage transport; Application of required regulations and security measures