The Program provides airlines and other operator training organizations dedicated to air transportation, with the opportunity to acquire certification from IATA, recognizing that the organization is benchmarked against and meets high-quality international training standards.

Organizations that successfully pass an assessment conducted by an IATA assessor, to determine conformity with the standards and criteria set forth in the program, will be recognized as Certified for Excellence in Corporate Training.​

The process to achieve certification and to maintain it includes four phases:

  1. Assessment: carry out a gap analysis of the operator training organization against the Training Organizational Audit Checklist to determine whether the requirements are being met and, if not, what steps should be taken to ensure they are met successfully.
  2. Validation: conduct a final validation to verify that the findings and gaps brought up during the assessment have been addressed to determine conformity with the criteria and standards set forth in the program.
  3. Certification: being recognized and registered, after successful completion of the validation as a Certified for Excellence in Corporate Training. The certificate is valid for 24 months.
  4. Re-certification: re-validation to check and ensure continued improvements and conformity with the criteria and standards set forth in the program.

​The assessment criteria are based on the following reference documents:

The assessment covers the following eight (8) critical areas of the operations of a training organization:
  1. Organization, governance and management
  2. Training design procedure
  3. Training development procedure
  4. Assessment (Testing) and Evaluation processes
  5. Evaluation of training program effectiveness
  6. Qualification and competency requirements for instructors and evaluators
  7. Management of the training documentation and records
  8. Facility, infrastructure and equipment

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