IATA initiatives in Air Traffic Management (ATM) have been developed in cooperation with the relevant authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). An even closer working relationship will enable the industry to realize significant operational benefits.

ATM & CNS Advocacy

IATA works relentlessly at the structural and operational level towards advocating for the implementation of a globally harmonized and interoperable ATM framework. This includes collaboration with key industry partners such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to influence global standards and drive towards a safer, more efficient and sustainable operational environment.

Read more on IATA's activities and advocacy initiatives related to Air Traffic Management

View the User Requirements for Air Traffic Services (pdf) to find out about IATA’s positions on various Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) Technologies​​​​​

Aviation Spectrum

Radio Spectrum is a finite resource that is essential for flight operations and ATM. IATA advocates for airline requirements during World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC) where spectrum allocations are agreed by States.

Read the most recent outcomes of WRC-2019 (pdf) pertaining to aviation

Find out more about ongoing preparations for the next WRC meeting in 2023


Air Traffic Control (ATC) Charges

Commitment to a justified, transparent charges system from ANSPs and all industry partners will secure a sustainable future for aviation. IATA also works with air navigation service providers across the globe to drive cost-efficiency improvements. Find out about our policy activities related to infrastructure.


ATM in the news

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Air Traffic Management Resources

  • IATA User Requirements for Air Traffic Services (pdf) - serves as a reference for airlines and ANSPs when determining airline infrastructure requirements/capabilities for air navigation services. It also includes IATA's positions on the various communications, navigation and surveillance technologies.
  • The Aviation Charges Intelligence Center (ACIC) - formerly AAFCM - a database of all aeronautical charges, including landing, lighting, aircraft parking, passenger service, security, terminal navigation, emissions, noise, overflight charges and taxation

IATA offers financial solutions to help Air Navigation Service Providers to focus on their main activities.

Financial Services


Enhancement & Financing (E&F) Services: Increase in rates - Reduction in administrative costs - Improvement of financial reporting.


Simplified Invoicing & Settlement: e-invoicing for core suppliers and airlines with optional settlement services.


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IATA provides aviation training to thousands of professionals each year, helping to build careers and ensure sustainability throughout the industry. We offer a wide selection of ICAO-compliant courses for licensed air traffic control officers, management and staff.

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