The travel experience at the airport has changed due to COVID-19. This is what to expect when going through it. 

Access to the airport

  1. Thermal imaging technology or temperature screening will be used for passengers and crew entering the airport
  2. Go through self-service check-in using kiosks at the airport   
  3. Drop your luggage at the designated bag drop facility (if applicable)
  4. Facilitate contactless boarding by using your mobile device and make sure you follow the instructions when boarding 


Security Checkpoints


Security checkpoints will be as contactless and efficient as possible through congestion-reducing lanes, contactless processes, and physical distancing. Surface cleansing will be frequent. 

  1. Please make sure you self-scan your boarding pass when entering the security checkpoint, follow designated security lanes and respect physical distancing
  2. Current security rules for liquids, gels, outer clothing, electronic devices will apply. Surfaces and trays will be cleaned frequently
  3. Required inspections will always involve gloves and sanitized equipment


Passenger Boarding

Boarding will be made as efficient as possible with re-designed gate areas, congestion-reducing boarding priorities, and hand luggage limitations. 


  1. Board the plane orderly and favoring contactless procedures. Queues will respect physical distancing as much as possible, and boarding will be prioritized to ensure minimum congestion 
  2. Proceed to board the plane after checking through a contactless device   
  3. Board following the established gate prioritization by respecting physical distancing
  4. Keep carry-on bags to a minimum