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AIR & CARGO Hackathon

​The AIR and CARGO Hackathon is a round-the-clock experience for developers to take Airline Industry Retailing (AIR) and Digital Cargo to the next level by combining IATA standards, data and other travel industry related APIs. Our first AIR and CARGO Hackathon at IATA in Geneva will include NDC, ONE Order and Cargo challenges.

September 14 - September 16, 2018 Geneva, Switzerland IATA Office
Open to Developers

Welcome to the IATA AIR and CARGO Hackathon, a round-the-clock experience which comprises:

  • One week ideation phase to prepare your project
  • A 28 hour coding experience in IATA’s home town, Geneva to work on your projects and pitch ideas to a team of industry experts and mentorsA
  • 6-week incubation phase to ensure the AIR winning ideas have the potential to become strong and successful business cases and the possibility to pitch these ideas at industry forums

During the AIR and CARGO Hackathon you will be asked to build solutions to enhance airline’s retailing capabilities (NDC/ONEOrder) and/or Cargo One Record Data Sharing. We will ask you to address at least one of the related challenges by using at least one of the APIs available at the event.

In parallel, you will be able to attend some of the workshops that will take place on-site and gain access to mentors that will support you through the Hackathon experience.


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