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Third e-Cargo Conference & Workshop

Accelerating towards quality visibility & efficiency

This year’s edition focused on the business process transformations needed to modernize air cargo and meet the demands of the future.

The conference provided a platform for industry professionals with a stake in e-Commerce and e-freight to interact with each other and be informed about the latest worldwide developments, in terms of regulation, standards, business process, and technology.

Geneva, Switzerland
When: June 24 - June 26, 2014
Where: Geneva, Switzerland

IATA Conference Centre
Route de L'Aeroport 33
1215 Geneva, Switzerland

Audience: Open to All

Conference topics

  • What innovations are needed for Air Cargo to re-position itself as the transportation mode of choice?
  • How can we use technology and quality management to increase predictability, reliability and transparency?
  • e-freight and e-AWB: what progress has been made? What are the remaining obstacles? – How can we accelerate adoption and build a full paperless process?
  • C2K and the industry MOP: what role for air cargo modernization? Why should I consider them for my organization?
  • Cargo Next Gen: what would a supply chain that has removed 2 days from the end-to-end process of transportation look like? How can we get there?

 e-Cargo Conference Agenda (pdf)

e-AWB workshop

On the 26th of June, a one day workshop focused on topics impacting practitioners when implementing e-AWB. Targeting at e-AWB project managers and their team, the workshop investigated key aspects of an e-AWB implementation.

Messaging & data quality

  • How do you actually check the messaging flow and improve data quality?

Engagement & change management

  • How do you identify the stakeholders in an e-AWB implementation project?
  • How should they be approached and who should be in the lead?
  • How can change be introduced in a sustainable fashion?

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